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Materials and information to support your child in English


The National Curriculum

Below are attachments of the National Curriculum for English.


Please also find attached the Spelling appendice. This document includes all of the objectives covered in each year group, and the statutory word lists for each year group.


The Vocabulary, Punctuation and Grammar appendice explains what is taught in each year group and also the terminology introduced in each year.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar glossary

The children are expected to be secure in their understanding of grammar and be able to understand and recall the correct terminology. 

This glossary is attached to support learning at home. It defines all of the key vocabulary that a child would need by the end of Y6 (See the above Grammar appendice for year group expectations).  It would be useful to support our homework challenges or when reading with your child. 


Supporting spelling

We have daily spelling sessions across school.

The spellings that are sent home with your child correspond to spelling rules and patterns being taught that week.

Please ensure that your child does have opportunities to practise them during the week, and also support them in checking and correcting spellings in their homework.


Below is an activity list to make learning spelling more varied and fun.

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