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Welcome to Eagle Class! (Year 5/6)

Mrs Hotchin (class teacher)  and Miss Morley (teaching assistant)

Welcome to Autumn term 1! This term our topic is 'The Vile Victorians'.

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We shall be learning all about the lives of the rich and the poor in Victorian times, the jobs that children had, and significant Victorians who made a difference.

Our weekly maths overviews. Tasks will be set on MyMaths and other tasks are available on Mathletics.

Eagle class maths week beginning 16.9.19

Year 6 - I can round to any given number. I can use and calculate with negative numbers.

Year 5- I can round any number up to 1,000,000 by 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 and 100,000. I can use and calculate with negative numbers

Eagle class maths week beginning 9.9.19

Y6: Read and write Roman numerals up to 1000. Use negative numbers in context, and calculate intervals across zero.

Y5: Compare and order numbers up to 1 million. Count forwards and backwards in steps of powers of 10, up to 1,000,000. Read and write Roman numerals up to 1000.

Eagle class maths week beginning 3. 9.19

Y6- I can read, interpret, compare and represent numbers to ten million.

Y5- I can read, interpret, compare and represent numbers to a million.


This half term we shall be reading 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty, which will complement our work on the Victorian era. We shall write reports to inform others about the working conditions that Victorian children endured. We will also be writing a 1st person narrative based on a child worker.

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Theme 'The Vile Victorians'

In Geography we comparing local maps from now and the Victorian times to find similarities and differences.

We shall be researching and selecting a range of sources to find out about life in Victorian times in our history lessons. 

In art we shall be learning about the work of William Morris, and developing sketches in a similar style. Then we will be developing a printing tile before printing on fabric.

Mrs Smith will be teaching the class about Victorian music hall and well known music from that era.

In other subjects:

Science: Y6- the circulatory system; Y5- forces 

RE- Unit 2b:1 God: what does it mean if God is holy and loving?

Jigsaw: Unit : 'Being me in my world'

PE: interpretive dance and net and wall games

Additional Information

PE- Sessions are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday but please could kits be available all week just in case.

Journals are used as a reading diary and can be completed by the child or parent (or both) in Y5/6. They will be checked by the teacher on Friday.

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