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Welcome to Eagle Class (Year 5/6)


Summer Term 2 is here!

Well here we are in the final term! The year has flown by. This term will be a busy one, with our production, transition events and trip to the Lincolnshire Show to keep us occupied. Plus we shall be learning lots about The Swinging Sixties.

Summer 2 English

In Summer 2 we shall be writing newspaper articles about the Apollo 11 mission. Moving on from this, we will then focus on reading and writing biographies of significant figures from the 1960's. 

We shall continue to have daily SPAG and spelling sessions.

Summer 2 Maths

Year 5 maths objectives


  • Line graphs – comparison, sum and difference problems; complete, read and interpret tables

Proportional Reasoning:

  • Recap mental calculations; revisit formal methods for multiplication and division; solve calculation problems for 4 operations.

Measuring and Estimating:

  • Solve problems involving four operations and measures; convert between metric units; understand
  • approximate metric-imperial conversions

Year 6 maths objectives 


  • Interpret and construct pie charts and line graphs
  • Calculate and interpret the mean as an average

Proportional Reasoning:

  • Mental calculations; revisit formal methods for multiplication and division; solve calculation  problems for 4 operations (inc rounding); solve problems involving measures.
  • Solve scaling problems; solve similar shapes problems; solve unequal sharing problem

Measuring and Estimating:

  • Solve problems involving calculation and conversion of measures and units.

Theme 'The Swinging Sixties'

In our topic on 'The Swinging Sixties' we shall research and study changes in our locality using a range of sources. We will also be finding out about key events in the sixties and creating timelines. We will learn about key figures from this time, such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and The Beatles.

In art, we shall be looking at the work of pop artists Andy Warhol and Peter Blake for inspiration and then developing our drawing and computer skills through creating pieces of art in a similar style.

Other important information

We have PE on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Reading books will be checked on Friday.

Spelling lists are given out on Monday and tests take place on Friday. 



We strive to achieve at least 4 reads a week, as reading is the key to learning. The children are set spellings every Monday (these are then tested on Friday).

Homework projects are to be handed in by Tuesday 11th July please.

Mathletics is still part of our homework and we all have log ins to 'TT Rockstars' This is a fantastic website and APP to support learning of multiplication tables. .

Our day as evacuees

Christmas Play Photographs