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Flamingo Class


Class Teacher: Mrs Witham

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Beacroft and Miss Sargent



Welcome to Spring 1. Our theme this term is Around the World.

In English we are basing our work on a story set in the Kalahari Desert (Meerkat mail) and we will work towards writing our own version of the story set in a different part of the world.

In Maths we have been looking at time and time problems. In year 2 we have used analogue clocks and in year 3 analogue and digital clocks. We are now moving on to addition and subtraction using mental and written methods. Later on in the term we will be working on length and perimeter.

In Science the year 2 children will be learning about the life cycles of animals, including humans, and the year 3 children will learn about the human skeleton, its muscular system and the importance of a nutritious diet.

In our theme based learning we are looking at maps and finding the continents and oceans. We will then focus on countries in the northern hemisphere, looking at their features. Later we will be doing some artwork based on jungle, ocean and desert scenes. We are in the process of setting up a travel agency in the class room where children will be able to do a variety of activities such as fill in passports, make check lists of things they would like to do on holiday and look through travel brochures to find destinations that match their lists.


Maths overview

5th February 2018 - 

The Curriculum - Autumn 1

Our theme to kickstart the new school year was 'Vicious Vikings!' We have been exploring who the Vikings were, where they came from and why they settled in Britain. In conjunction with our English lessons we have been looking at the Vikings further as we indulged in the fictional tale of; How to be a Viking by Cressida Cowell. We enjoyed making a collage of our favourite character - Stoick, and pretending to be him as we sang the Viking song. We made our own version of the tale 'How to be a Viking' with some interesting twists too. In Science we explored the topic of 'everyday materials' and in particular the sorts of materials around in Viking times and investigating the materials used to make clothes and weapons during this time. In Maths we worked extremely hard to crack the place value topic! We familiarised ourselves with lots of manipulatives to help us to understand the meaning of a number. We then proceeded to the addition and subtraction topic where we learnt how to use the formal columnar method, whilst also remaining keen with those manipulatives to show the addition and subtraction of numbers; using both concrect and pictorial methods. 

The Curriculum - Autumn 2

As we return to school for our second half of Autumn term, we will begin with some performance poetry to get us into the swing of being a performer. With our Christmas play just weeks away, this will prove useful to performing in front of an audience. English lessons will then become focussed on the purpose of writing to inform. Children will have the chance to write a set of instructions (remaining with the Viking theme) using those bossy verbs and even trickier, year 3's will be identifying more carefully, instructions with prepositions. In Maths children will be presented with more problem solving and mastery as we tackle measurement of money - year 2's and the multiplication and division unit - year 3's. 

Useful Website Links

Check out our Wrawby facebook page for daily/weekly updates about what's happening in Flamingo classroom.

https://www.ttrockstars.com/ - Secure those multiplication tables!

http://uk.mathletics.com/ - Challenge yourself with some maths problems!

https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk - To access bug club for some thrilling reads.


The children will be tested and given new spellings every Thursday. Year 2 and 3 children will receive different sets of spellings and it is important that the children spend plenty of time learning these through the week. A variety of spelling techniques can be appied at home as well as in school. See the pictures below for some ideas.

Spelling Pic 1Spelling Posters


Homework is given out every half term. The first half term was 'topic' themed; and may I take this opportunity to thank everyone involved (parents included), for some truly fantastic and phenominal long boat creations! Flamingo class had fun sharing these projects and learning a little bit more about each other as we each added some of our own personal touches to our Viking boats. In the second half of the Autumn term, the homework followed a 'science' theme. Please check homework books for up-to-date information regarding current homework. 


PE is a core subject and we especially take advantage of this at Wrawby. With every attempt to make learning active and engaging, we like to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle at any opportutnity. Please could children bring their PE kits on a Monday and take them home on a Friday. The children will receive 3 PE lessons a week; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, but sometimes we like to mix things up...and it's always good to be prepared! laugh

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