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Welcome to Penguin Class!

Teachers: Mrs Robson and Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gainsborough

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Whole Class Reading

Penguin class are embarking upon an adventure with characters Tom and Isis to become Spartan soldiers. They must fight against the powerful Trojans. But, will we manage to find the missing amulet? 



This term we are writing to ‘INFORM’. 

Each child will design their own mythological beast that has been newly discovered in a Greek cave. They will then write non-chronological reports informing the Greek citizens of its existence. After this, the children will create their own set of instructions – ‘How to catch a [their mythical beast]’.

Later in the term, children will explore many of the Greek myths through the text Greek Myths by Marcia Williams. From this, children will produce newspaper reports based upon the return of Theseus and write apology letters based on Pandora’s box.

Spelling rules:

Y4-      words ending ure



            prefixes in-, il-, im- and ir-

            ei, eigh or ey

            suffixes-ing, -er, -en, -ed


Y5-      ough words




            silent Letters

            suffixes -ible and -able


Autumn 1 focus:

·     Place value: reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers

·     Rounding to 10, 100 and 1000

·     Roman Numerals

·     Addition & subtraction

We also have daily Big Maths sessions which focus on basic number and calculation skills.

On Friday we alternate a Big Maths CLIC test with an arithmetic skills test.


This term we are learning all about life in Ancient Greece. Our entry point day was a great success, hooking the children in, giving them a taste of things to come.

We used the Greek alphabet to write our names on papyrus paper but found this was easier for some children than others as we learned that the Ancient Greeks alphabet was different to ours.

Making and eating a Greek salad proved to be a firm favourite as we discovered what foods the Greeks were able to grow, discussing terrain and climate. Our salad included: olives, cucumber, peppers, feta cheese, basil and tomatoes.

Many archaeoligists have discovered bits of potterywhich, when put together like a jigsaw, made amphorae. An amphora could be used for holding liquid like wine or water. Many of them were decorated with patterns and pictures. We looked carefully at the different patterns and designed our own on terracota card. We have used these as a border for our working display.

Using atlases we found out where Greece is in relation to the UK and looked at the terrain - Greece is the most mountainous country in the world.

Throughout the term we will be learning about

  • mythalogical creatures
  • Ancient Greek Gods
  • how the Greek Empire was built
  • how the Greeks traded before currency was introduced
  • designing and replica Greek drachma using clay and silver paint
  • designing and making Greek pots using clay
  • the differences between life in Athens and Sparta
  • how the Ancient Greeks have influenced how we live today

Keep checking the website and our facebook page for updates and photographs!

Website Links

https://www.ttrockstars.com/ - secure multiplication knowledge

http://uk.mathletics.com/ - maths challenges

Growth Mindset

'Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.'   -Albert Einstein

It has been refreshing to see Penguin Class embracing the Growth Mindset this term! When we have sometimes found ourselves in the learning pit and could not continue, we have been able to seek support and take control of our own learning. This term, we shall continue to remember our Growth Mindset and seek the benefits of this in our learning and in the outcome of our work.



New spellings will be given to pupils each Monday and these are to be stuck into organisers. Pupils will also be taught the new spelling rules on this day and will be learning how to apply these throughout the week.

The spelling test shall be given each Friday.

PE Dates

Wednesday - Indoor PE with Mrs Robson

Thursday  - Y4 Swimming

Thursday - Outdoor PE with Scunthorpe United (PM)


Homework for this half term will be due in on Tuesday October 31st 2017