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Teacher: Mrs Smith & Mr Gregory

Teaching Assistant: Miss Sargent

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In Summer 1 we are focusing on non-fiction writing related to the Ancient Egyptians.
Children will be:

- Producing an information text about the life of a child in Ancient Egypt.

- Researching Howard Carter and writing a biography of his life.

- Writing a newspaper report about the discovery of Tutunkhamun's tomb.



https://hub.spellingshed.com/login              User and password details can be found within each child's journal.


Summer 1 units:

Decimals, money and statistics


We also have daily Mini Maths sessions which focus on basic number and calculation skills.

On Friday we complete an arithmetic skills test (Rising Stars or Testbase).

Weekly overviews

Week 2 (29.4.19)

Y4 -  I can convert money. I can add and subtract money. I can estimate money.

Y5 -  I can add and subtract decimals with a different number of decimal places.

Week 3 (6.5.19)

Y4 -  I can convert between different units of time. I can convert between analogue and digital

Y5 -  I can understand decimal sequences. I can multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000.

Week 4 (13.5.19)

Y4 -  Statistics

Y5 -  Statistics

Decimals as fractions.



Week 5 (20.5.19)

Y4 - Statistics.

Y5 - Statistics.


https://www.ttrockstars.com/ - secure multiplication knowledge

http://uk.mathletics.com/ - maths challenges


During Summer our theme is:

Ancient Egypt

Children will be:

-Exploring the duration of Ancient Egypt.

-Comparing and contrasting the lif of a child in Egypt with their own.

-Looking at the mummification process and hieroglyphics.

-Exploring the role that religion played in Ancient Egyptian times.

-Comparing and contrasting the power of different Gods.




Monday - Indoor PE with Mrs Hill (PM)

Thursday - Outdoor PE with Scunthorpe United (PM)

Friday - Outdoor PE with Mr Gregory (PM)

Please ensure kit is available from Mon through to Fri each week as lesson timetabling can be subject to change.


Homework is due in on Tuesday 21st May 2019

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