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Penguins home learning

Home Learning

Maths lesson- try to do a daily maths session if you can.

Mini Maths (5-10 minutes questions below)

Main maths: I would recommend you use White Rose as this is the scheme we use in school. There are 5 videos (1 per day) and also a task (with answers). If you can't print the task, just do it in your exercise book!

Week 2:

Year 4 link below: this is a unit about decimals


Year 5 your link is below: this is a unit all about decimals


Mini Maths

List all the factors of
these numbers:

5413 x 6
8745 ÷ 4
3458 - ? = 1474





List the common factors of each
pair of numbers:

25 & 10
24 & 16
30 & 24

874 x 8
542 x 65 (year 5)
547 ÷ 5
874 + ? = 4158




1. 4 x9 x 3
2. 8 x 11 x 5
3. 2 x 5 x 54
4. 25 x 9 x 4
5. 3 x 2 x 9
6. 474 ÷ 7

1. ? = 5 x 8
2. ? ÷ 10 = 10
3. 49 ÷ ? = 7
4. ? = 56 ÷ 7
5. 145 + ? = 474
6. ? - 45 = 145


1. 47 x 10
2. 19 x 100
3. 63 x 100
4. 6300 ÷ 10
5.  57000 ÷ 100
6. 54 ÷ 10


This week I would like you to read chapter two of The Iron Man. Below I have set you 5 tasks (one for each day)
Feel free to share some of your wonderful writing on our Facebook page. I look forward to reading it.

Task 1: ‘Now they reckoned the Iron Man would come over the top of the cliff.’ –
Give the meaning of reckoned in this sentence.
Find and copy the word that means to look at something steadily for a long
time. (P.20)
‘the farmers saw the Iron Man wallowing in their pit.’ – What does the word
wallowing suggest about how the Iron Man felt? (P.23)

Task 2: ‘Hogarth’s mother grew pale’ – How was Hogarth’s mother feeling? (P.12)
What do you think happened to the tractor? – Provide evidence from the
text. (P.13)
Look at the bottom of page 17. Why do you think the farmers had gathered
with great excitement? (P.17)
Why did the farmers approach the hole carefully? What did they expect to
see? (P.17)
How can you tell that Hogarth didn’t want to be heard by the way he
climbed down from the tree? (P.20)
Why was Hogarth feeling guilty? (P.24)

Task 3: What do you think the green lights were? (P.12)
Who had taken all the farmers’ machinery and why? – Provide evidence
from the text (P.15)
‘They would have to do something for themselves.’ – What do you think the
farmers will do?
Why did the farmers have to dig a ‘colossal’ hole? What did they want to
use it for? (P.16)
‘Hogarth had an idea. In his pocket … he had a knife’ – What do you think
Hogarth planned to do? (P.21)
Why has the author repeated the word ‘hush’? What does this suggest to
the reader? (P.11)

Task 4: Why had Hogarth been an unsuccessful fisherman that evening? (P.11)
How did the farmers feel once they knew the Iron Man has vanished into
the sea? (P.16)
Why didn’t the farmers call the army or the police to help? (P.16)
What caused Hogarth to ‘stop breathing.’ (P.20)
What had caused the Iron Man’s eyes to turn red? (P.22)
Compare the feelings of the farmers and Hogarth at the end of the
chapter. Explain and differences or similarities.
In 3-4 bullets points explain the farmers’ plan to trap for the Iron Man.

Task 5: Last week you created a character description for your robot. This week I would like you to write a setting description for a story involving your robot. Use the senses (see, hear, touch, smell) to create a descriptive piece of writing. Continue to use similes, metaphors and personification.





Write each word into a sentence.
Find synoynms of your spelling words.


Play the games on spellingframe at https://spellingframe.co.uk/spelling-rule/13/8-The-suffix-ly

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