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Welcome to Penguin Class!

Teachers: Mrs Robson and Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gainsborough

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Whole Class Reading

Penguin class are in for a magical treat this term of dragons and heroines, with the best of all possible flavours – CHOCOLATE! As we read this exciting fantasy, we will predominantly be focusing on the ‘Vocabulary’ domain. Therefore, we will be learning to:

  • use a dictionary/thesaurus to check the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • discuss and record words and phrases that writers use to engage and impact on the reader.
  • explain the meaning of words in context.
  • identify where a writer has used precise word choices for effect to impact on the reader


This term we are writing to ‘ENTERTAIN’. 

We will be writing descriptions of hot chocolate and other chocolate products.

We will be conducting research on the Cadbury family, exploring the life of a Cadbury worker and writing factory setting descriptions.

We will be comparing the differences between characters and setting within Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Ultimately, we shall incorporate everything above to enable us to write a chocolate themed narrative with a clear structure, setting and plot.


Spelling rules:

Y4 –

gu words

-ture words


Words from statutory list


Y5 –

ei / ie words

en / em prefix

modal verbs

Words from statutory list




Spring 1 focuses:

·     Area

·     Multiplication

·     Division

·     Fractions

We also have daily Big Maths sessions which focus on basic number and calculation skills.

On Friday we alternate a Big Maths CLIC test with an arithmetic skills test (Rising Stars).


Weekly overviews

5th February: Representing fractions in different ways (as shapes, quantities an n a number line). Recognise, show and write equivalent fractions.


Spring Term 1 2018 is all about...


Apart from taste testing lots of different chocolate (for research of course!) we're looking forward to learning about where our chocolate comes from. Our entry point generated lots of thought provoking questions e.g. When was chocolate invented? Why does chocolate melt so quickly?

Aswell as having to think, our tastebuds were tingling with excitement as we made some tasty chocolate/marshmallow penguins. We also used our senses to see if we could tell the difference between milk, white and dark chocolate, whilst blindfolded, by taste and smell.  

Website Links

https://www.ttrockstars.com/ - secure multiplication knowledge

http://uk.mathletics.com/ - maths challenges

Growth Mindset

'Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.'   -Albert Einstein

It has been refreshing to see Penguin Class embracing the Growth Mindset this term! When we have sometimes found ourselves in the learning pit and could not continue, we have been able to seek support and take control of our own learning. This term, we shall continue to remember our Growth Mindset and seek the benefits of this in our learning and in the outcome of our work.



New spellings will be given to pupils each Monday and these are to be stuck into organisers. Pupils will also be taught the new spelling rules on this day and will be learning how to apply these throughout the week.

The spelling test shall be given each Friday.

PE Dates

Tuesday - Indoor PE with Mrs Robson

Wednesday - Outdoor PE with Mrs Robson

Thursday - Outdoor PE with Scunthorpe United (PM)


Homework for this half term will be due in on Friday 2nd February 2018

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