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Summer Term 2: Glorious rays!

So here we are… We have reached the final term Penguin Class. What a blast it has been- you’re all amazing! So what can we look forward to in this final, sunny term?

Last term we were able to explore non-fiction writing to entertain and inform in the style of a report, leading us to be able to write our own reports on fictional incidents in Egypt. We then ended last term having started to unpick our new book, ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’, in-keeping with our Egyptian theme. This term we shall continue to explore Shirley Climo’s writing style and make links to the Western Cinderella story. This text shall allow us to produce a diary entry from the point of view of Rhodopis (the main character), act out the story using our performance skills, before moving on to re-writing another well-known fairytale, but adapting it to the Egyptian theme. We shall finally be moving on to non-fiction writing again, this time to persuade in the form of a leaflet. Did you know we also work for a mummification company? We are currently trying to persuade Egyptians to use our services, so keep your eyes peeled for our advertisement!

Again, we are visiting all punctuation and grammar covered throughout the year to ensure these are used consistently and effectively, ensuring we are secure for year five.

P.s: Our handwriting is the best it has ever been- amazing Penguins!

Literacy Egyptian Cinderella CoverLiteracy LeafletLiteracy Mummy

Phew! We have been working super hard in maths again this term- tricky time and menacing measures… But again Penguins, you have shown up triumphant!
In this final term, we are combining our reasoning skills to interpret graphs and plot co-ordinates. This shall lead us nicely on to symmetry of shapes and completing symmetrical shapes and patterns using a mirror line.

Unit 8 is based around statistics and measures; understanding and reading discrete and continuous data, constructing bar charts and frequency diagrams, interpreting line and time graphs and finally using this understanding to solve problems involving comparison.

Unit 11 moves on to shape and reflection; identifying lines of symmetry within 2D shapes, reflecting simple shapes and patterns across a mirror line and completing a symmetrical picture.

Unit 14 is focussed around co-ordinates; plotting points within the first quadrant, solving problems involving co-ordinates and mapping skills before then moving on to translation of points vertically and horizontally.

Maths StatisticsMaths ReflectionMaths Coordinates

Penguin Class are all really enjoying our final topic on Egyptians and we have already learnt so much about the location of Egypt and how settlement of civilisations was influenced by the river Nile. We further explored Egyptian life at school and through your home learning, finally leading us on to Egyptian society and exploring how people were ranked based on their job roles.

This term is going to be even more exciting, as we immerse ourselves into Egyptian life; how the pharaohs lived and were buried after death, the mummification process, the purpose of canopic jars, Egyptian curses and death masks, and finally Egyptian writing (hieroglyphics), artefacts and art. We are going to be creating many replicas of Egyptian items such as; designing a tomb to celebrate the life of an Egyptian, designing a cartouche with our names engraved in hieroglyphics and designing and producing an Egyptian death mask using plaster! I can’t wait to see your designs Penguins!

Not forgetting our exciting trip to ‘The Collection’ in Lincoln on Wednesday 5th July, to become an Egyptian for the day!

Topic Canopic JarsTopic CartoucheTopic Death Mask




Summer Term 1: Bring on the Sunshine!

Welcome back, Penguins! I hope you enjoyed your Easter celebrations and didn't eat too much chocolate?! You should now be all refreshed and ready for another exciting term ahead... I can't wait!

So, what can we expect this term? Hopefully, the sun will be shining bright, which shall give us many opportunities to take our learning outside. Our exciting upcoming topic, 'Egyptians' should also allow for some exciting learning using creativity and technology. Warmer days will also allow us to take our PE lessons outside more often and start to play more team based games in the sun.

This term we shall be writing to inform; creating a newspaper report based on fictional incidents we shall witness in Egypt, using the animation 'The Egyptian Pyramids'. The book, 'The Egyptian Echo' shall support us when considering our layout and vocabulary choices. We shall then be moving on to our main text this term; 'The Egyptian Cinderella'. This is the first Cinderella story written, based in ancient Egyptian times. It follows the traditional themes found in the western Cinderella story, but with a twist. This text shall allow us to produce a diary entry from the point of view of Rhodopis (the main character), produce a short animation which re-tells the story, before moving on to re-writing another well-known story, maintaining the Egyptian theme. Throughout all of our writing, we shall be homing in on the basics, whist also developing our use of commas, inverted commas and apostrophes to mark plural possession. We shall also be developing our use of expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials and conjunctions, which shall all make our writing even more interesting!
Many of us are working even closer to getting our pen licence this term- so our careful handwriting will be a focal point in our work, too!

The Egyptian Pyramids AnimationThe Egyptian Pyramids Animation 2The Egyptian Pyramids Animation 3Egyptian Cinderella CoverEgyptian Cinderella BlurbEgyptian Echo

Last term, Penguin class worked incredibly hard on their maths when following the unit of fractions. I am hoping that the same hard work shall be put into our next units of work, as we continue to challenge ourselves to reason our ideas and show our full working out. Following the AET scheme of work, we shall be moving on to units 6, 8 and 12.
Unit 6 requires us to reason with measures; estimating lengths and weights of familiar objects, measuring and weighing as well as looking at area and perimeter. 
Unit 8 moves on to statistics and measures; understanding and reading discrete and continuous data, constructing bar charts and frequency diagrams, interpreting line and time graphs and finally using this understanding to solve problems invoolving comparison.
Unit 12 is based on time; confidently reading analogue and digital time, reading a 24-hour clock and solving problems that involve converting hours to minutes, minutes to seconds, days to months and months to years.

Line GraphClockscales

Topic- Egyptians
Our topic this term is very exciting- Egyptians! I am really looking forward to sharing this topic with you, and I know you will really enjoy the learning we have ahead of us.
We shall begin our topic by looking at Egypt and where this is on a map; identifying surrounding countries, sketching the outline of Egypt and marking the key areas within the country. We shall then move on to ordering the main past events in Ancient Egypt, discussing what impact they have had on Egypt today. This shall lead us nicely on to looking at Egyptian society and how people were ranked, based on their job title. As Pharoahs were at the top of this list, we shall dedicate some of our time to looking at the main Egyptian Pharaohs of all time; 'Cleopatra' and 'Tutankhamun', looking specifically at their importance and influence on Egyptian life. When looking at King Tutankhamun, we shall delve further into the burial process of important Egyptians, looking at their tombs, the mummification process and the events that followed Howard Carter's curse, following his disturbance of Tutankhamun's tranquillity after death.

You may find yourself asking some of the following, crazy questions during this topic;

Why place your organs inside canopic jars?
How can a nine year old boy become a king of Egypt?
Why did Cleopatra wear so much make-up?!

All will be revealed this term...

Egyptian Penguin

Spring Term 2: Longer and Lighter Days... More Time to Learn!

So what happened last term?...

In Literacy we looked at the book 'Tuesday' by David Weisner. This was an 
extraordinary picture book about flying frogs causing mischief for people. We produced a recount of the events we saw, before then writing our own sequels about different flying animals. As we were writing our sequels, we were working really hard to include all of our literary skills, such as; expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, conjunctions and similes, as well as a range of punctuation. Most children enjoyed using brackets to convey thoughts of the reader.  Towards the end of the term, we moved on to the non-fiction book 'Animal Architects' by Daniel Nassar, exploring the features of the text and creating our own fact files on a mountainous or riverside animal. During this, we further developed our skills of writing in the style of non-fiction, using adverbs, modal verbs and time conjunctions, as well as using a range of punctuation such as; commas, quotation marks, bullet points and the basics of capital letters and full stops.

In maths, we concluded our arithmetic sessions, and moved on to a new unit of shape and measures. We began by exploring symmetry within shapes which enabled us to copy simple symmetrical reflections. We then moved on to looking at the properties of quadrilaterals and triangles, which allowed us to compare and classify them into Venn and Carroll diagrams. Finally, we were looking at the different types of angles, visually comparing these, before moving on to meauring them using a protractor. We continued to carry out TT Rockstars papers every day, and our results are showing that we have been improving each session! Lets keep it up!

We enjoyed looking at how mountains are formed and what happens to the Earth during this process. We then moved on to exploring the different mountain ranges around the world and famous mountains in particular. This lead on to our research into Mount Fuji, the sacred mountain of Japan. We decided to follow our research and explore the art of meditation, which many of us found was a rewarding experience. Finally, we looked into the landscape surrounding a mountain, which enabled us to create a recount of walking around the valley and describing what we see, to then creating a piece of art work which embodied our descriptions. We had the privilege of sharing our topic this term, during our sharing assembly- we hope you were able to come and enjoy that with us!


What to expect this term...

In literacy, we shall be moving on to our new book 'Journey to the River Sea' by Iva Ibbotson, a book about a young girl who travels to the Amazon to live with her adoptive distant family, which discusses the difficulties of change and adapting to life at the other side of the world. We are going to be exploring the characters emotions within the book, allowing us to produce a diary entry from the point of view of the main character Maia, as she ventures into the Amazon forest alone. For the final two weeks, we are going to be following a unit of performance poetry, looking specifically at the work of Michael Rosen- an animated poet and performer who writes comical poems about everyday life. We will be using his poems as guidance when writing our own, before then perfoming these in the style of Michael Rosen, looking at our body language, tone and intonation.

In maths, we shall be following a whole unit of fractions. As many found fractions fairly challenging in the assessment papers, I felt it appropriate to spend a pro-longed period of time on the unit, allowing us to explore the concept of fractions and how we find them, before then moving on to how we find fractions of amounts within tricky word problems. We will have many opportunities to explore our own reasoning of fractions and carry out many discussions about our learning and the processes we have followed, seeking out the most efficient and fool-proof methods. One lesson per week in maths shall also be specifically lent to answering reasoning questions on all areas of the curriculum, as often the wording can be very challenging and can cause great confusion towards the methods needed and the answer that is required. During these sessions, we shall also be building up our pace to ensure that we can complete a full test paper in the given time ready for our SATs. I am hoping many of us Penguins will continue to challenge ourselves in maths, seeking out Deeper Learning activities which will encourage us to reason our ideas and explore maths within different contexts. And of course- always maintaining a Growth Mindset!

In topic, we shall be continuing on the theme of 'Rivers and Mountains', this time looking specifically at rivers; how they are formed, their properties and surrounding landscape, as well as famous rivers around the world. This shall lead us on to our exploration of the wildlife surrounding rivers, why they live there and how they build their habitats, allowing us to create our own animal habitat, suited to specific animal needs.

It is a real pleasure to see that many of you are making a full effort with the reading challenge each week, most reading many more than 4 times per week! It has become a little competition within Penguin class to see who can read the most times each week, with one child setting our record at 17 times in one week! It is lovely to see your passion for reading maintaining an important part of your eductation, so please keep this up! Remember, you can read other material alongside your school reading book, including; children's newspapers, online blogs and even chat magazines! It all counts towards your reading and should cater to your own interests, in order to maintain a true love of reading. Thank you Penguins!


Bring on Spring Two and fresh challenges!


Spring Term 1: Ready for a Fresh Challenge?!

The grass is crisp and the air is cool; catching up all of the Christmas excitement and saving it for another year. With the fresh winds come lots of exciting things to look forward to this term. Our new topic shall be 'Rivers and Mountains' and I think we are going to have a lot of fun learning about this. We have three books we shall be focussing upon thoughout the two terms of this topic; 'Journey to the River Sea', 'Tuesday' and 'Animal Architects'. I have already been enjoying reading these over this Christmas break, and now I am very excited to share them with you! 

In literacy we shall be exploring our texts in detail and really focussing on our ability to comprehend a text and understand the meaning behind words and phrases, which will eventually lead on to us being able to form our own opinions and back this up with evidence from the text. We will also have the ability to exercise our drama skills through interpreting and re-telling the stories we read. Finally, we shall be continuing our skills from last term in sharing our predicitons and forming debates with others based on these. Spellings, punctuation and grammar shall be discreatly woven into all literacy lessons, with our main focus on the use of commas to secure meaning in our sentences and our choice of sentence openers to make our writing interesting.

In maths we shall be securing our arithmetic understanding of addition, subtraction and multiplication using formal written methods, as well as ensuring we are confident in understanding when these operations are required in different word problems which will allow us to relate the maths to real-life situations. We shall then be moving on to converting measures which will allow us to explore and challege our mathematical understanding.

Reading shall continue to be a big focus in Penguin class, as we are all aware of the benefits this has on our development, as well as the pure enjoyment we get from reading a great book! The reading challenge shall continue, with the aim that children read at least four times per week. This shall go along side an encouragement for children to reflect on what they have read, in the form of a book review or through answering short comprehension questions to reflect understanding.

We have a lot to look forward to this term Penguins, as well as many challenges which will be faced in our learning. Together we will embrace the difficulties and work together to ensure that each of us maintains a growth mindset in order to be successful!


Autumn Term 2: The Post Christmas Blues...

We were looking forward to getting stuck into this term and showing off our skills developed in the previous term, as well as building new skills. We also worked very hard on our Christmas play which was an absolute success (scroll down for more information).

In maths we moved on to the short AET Unit 2 (investigating number systems) in the first two weeks and AET Unit 3 (solving calculation problems) for the rest of term.

Unit 2 involved:

  • Rounding decimals
  • Solving number problems to 10000
  • Ordering numbers using < > or =

Unit 3 involved:

  • Adding using columnar method
  • Subtracting using columnar method
  • Multiplying using manipulative
  • Multiplying using formal written method
  • Estimation with addition and subtraction
  • Estimation with multiplication
  • Using inverse operation to check calculations

In literacy we continued to read our book 'Boy Overboard' by Morris Gliezman, as we were all very excited about this book and eager to read on. In light of Emma Rodger's reasearch into effective teaching of Fiction Texts, we followed the four week format of;

Week One: Exploring the text and making links
Week Two: Securing understanding and capturing ideas

Week Three: Modelling/shared writing
Week Four: Independent writing

This format enabled us to explore our text in greater depth and ensured that we were secure to be able to write our own short story which was based on predictions and continued from the point in which we have reached. Children also secured their spellings, punctuation and grammar, which was integrated into this unit. 

In topic, we continued to look at Early Islamic Civilisation. We further secured our understanding of the Great Thinkers and how their discoveries have impacted on our lives today. We finally moved on to looking at the first four Caliphs and their roles and responsibilities as leaders in Baghdad.


Autumn Term 1: What a blast...

Welcome back Penguins! I hope your half-term was another exciting one; giving you time to re-charge and prepare for this new, exciting term ahead! The countdown to Christmas has begun and we have so many fantastic things planned.

First, lets reflect on last term and think about all of the exciting things we have already learnt...

In maths we looked at number patterns and explored the tricky multiples of numbers such as 6, 7, 9, 25 and 1000. We also looked at finding 1000 more or less than any given number, recognising the place value of four digit numbers and ordering them. We can now also round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and can count backwards through zero to include negative numbers. You have all worked so hard in maths and maintained your Growth Mindset- great work!

In literacy we enjoyed reading our book 'Boy Overboard' by Morris Gliezman which has enabled us to make links to our topic and explore the issues facing refugee children in Syria today, which is a recent issue in the news. In light of our book, we have been exploring the themes through writing a journalistic report based on the events in the book and writing a diary as one of the characters, which enabled us to empathise with the characters and explore our vocabulary choices. We have covered the use of sentence endings for effect, apostrophes, commas and inverted commas and have been able to use these in our own writing. Finally, we have also looked a great deal into our choices of adjectives for effect, our use of fronted adverbials and have further challenged ourself by looking at both subordinating and co-ordinating conjunctions, and the difference between the two of these. So much has been covered in english this term and you've all been really concentrating on your writing skills, spellings and handwriting, so well done!

In Topic we have been looking at the main events within the Early Islamic Civilisation and ordered these on a timeline. We have also been exploring Baghdad's role in this and also how the Great Thinkers of Islam have infuenced our lives today, through their continued work in the House of Wisdom. You've all really engaged with this topic and have produced some fantastic work!


Penguin Class Weekly Updates


Our Visit to Scunthorpe Central Mosque

On Wednesday 9th November Penguin Class visited Scunthorpe Central Mosque as part of our topic on Early Islamic Civilisation. The aim was to develop our understanding of the religion of Islam and the daily life within the mosque, making comparisons to Christianity. This trip also allowed us to secure our understanding and iron out any misconceptions, following our research for Term 1's homework task.

We all really enjoyed this trip and learnt a great deal, such as; how Muslims pray, why Muslims wash before entering their place of worship and why the prayer mats face North East. We also developed our understanding of how mosques can be laid out and the different objects which are common within most mosques.

As a result of our trip, we have been able to create a PowerPoint presentation of our learning, as well as writing a letter of thanks to Scunthorpe Central Mosque for making us so welcome and supporting us on our learning journey.

Penguin Class would like to express a great thanks again to Imam Amirul of Scunthorpe Central Mosque for making us so welcome and allowing us to embrace the Islamic religion for a day. Scunthorpe Central Mosque also informed pupils that they are more than welcome to visit again with families, if parents would like the opportunity to explore the religion of Islam in our local community with their children outside of school.





Children in Need Day in Penguin Class


Penguin Class really enjoyed raising money for Children in Need this year! On the day before Children in Need, we decorated our Gingerbread Pudsey Bears using lots of sweet treats... we even got a chance to taste-test the gingerbread- yum! We then sold our yummy treats at the cake sale on the day of Children in Need at 50p each and raised around £20 for Children in Need- well done Penguins!

On the day of Children in Need we also began to understand how the money we raise helps other children who are not as fortunate as ourselves. In this lesson, we looked specifically at the life of Logan who has cerebral palsy and finds many things in life very challenging, including walking. We discussed the active things that we enjoy to do and then considered how we would feel if we could no longer do these things, showing empathy for Logan. Finally, we created a mood board based on Logan's feelings before and after his physical therapy which was funded by Children in Need, considering the colours and images we believed would represent feelings. Penguin Class really enjoyed this lesson and thought you would appreciate viewing some of the fantastic art work produced!




Our Christmas Play... What a Performance!

Well, what can I say? Wow! Penguins have really blown everyone away with their Christmas performance this year. I was super impressed, as were all of our family members (some say it was the best Christmas play they have ever seen!) It was clear to see that your efforts and determination paid off; from learning all of your lines to speaking them with expression, the thought and care put into your costumes and paying close attention to the rhythm and tone of your singing- it all came together beautifully! Well done Penguin class!! (We certainly have little actors in the making!)

Pic for the website



12.12.16 & 13.12.16
Penguins Join Forces with the Choir!

Penguin Class were fortunate enough this week to be invited along with the choir to visit the local care homes and sing Christmas carols! We brought along our recorders and played 'Jingle Bells'- this was our first time to a live audience and we did really well. We were also able to play a couple of our favourite songs from our Christmas play too, which made everyone smile. We had a great deal of fun and it made us feel very proud that we had brought a little bit of warmth to the hearts of others this Christmas. Penguin class are very thoughtful and kind- great job!



What a Great First Week Back!

This week has been another great one and has enabled us all to get stuck back into our learning- which you have all been doing exceptionally well, so thank you. We have learnt how to estimate in maths, how to tell others how we have travelled to school in French and also what our rights are as a child in PSHCE. Oh yes- and we were invaded by flying frogs in English! (Penguins are currently investigating this incident...) Finally, we were able to complete our Dragon's Den testing of our Islamic games, which turned out to be an absolute success and children found that they LOVED everyones games... Well done Penguins! Below are a few snaps of the chaos we caused this week. Bring on week two penguins!

IMG_0742IMG_1918IMG_0740Website 4Website 5(1)IMG_0746Website 1(1)Website 3(2)

Website Links

https://www.ttrockstars.com/ - secure multiplication knowledge

http://uk.mathletics.com/ - maths challenges

https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk - to access bug club and activites set by the teacher

http://www.abcya.com/roman_numerals.htm - Roman numerals game

Growth Mindset

'Anyone who has never made a mistake, has never tried anything new.'   -Albert Einstein

It has been refreshing to see Penguin Class embracing the Growth Mindset this term! When we have sometimes found ourselves in the learning pit and could not continue, we have been able to seek support and take control of our own learning. This term, we shall continue to remember our Growth Mindset and seek the benefits of this in our learning and in the outcome of our work.


Diary Dates

05.06.17 - Back to school for Summer Term 2.

09.06.17 - Homework is set.

14.06.17 - Sports day (am).

05.07.17 - Year four trip to 'The Collection' in Lincoln (Egyptians).

07.07.17 - Year four sharing assembly.

11.07.17 - Homework is due back in.

24.07.17 - Leavers service at 1:15pm.

25.07.17 - School finishes for the six week summer holidays (2:30pm)


New spellings will be given to pupils each Monday and these are to be stuck into organisers. Pupils will also be taught the new spelling rules on this day and will be learning how to apply these throughout the week.

The spelling test shall be given each Friday.


Year 3/4 Common Exception Words
Please remember to continue learning the year 3/4 Common Exception Words alongside your spelling words each week. Each child has their own personal list of the words they are yet to learn from these, based on the first test held. We shall be holding an overall spelling test on these words at the end of each term, with the aim to have learnt them all at the end of year 4.


Thank you for all of your support at home.

PE Dates

Tuesday & Wednesday - Outdoor PE (net/wall games) with Miss Marshall (AM) 

Thursday - Outdoor PE with Scunthorpe United (PM)



Summer 2 Homework Challenge

To link with our science unit ‘Electricity’, here is your homework challenge (Mathletics, TT Rockstars and Reading Challenge must also be completed). Please bring your homework to school by
Tuesday 11th July.

During this term, we shall be looking at how electricity travels through a circuit, as well as identifying conductors and insulators of electricity.
I would like you to think about everyday electrical devices in the home and how to keep safe around electricity.

You can complete two or more of the activities below:

  • Make a cartoon strip about electrical safety.
  • Design a poster to promote the benefits of electricity in our society.
  • List or take photographs of electrical appliances/devices in your home and put these into categories of your choice.
  • Write an explanation as to how an appliance in your home works- how it is turned on and what happens to the electrical energy/what does it do?


I look forward to sharing your work on electricity.

Miss Marshall