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Puffin Class


Class Teachers: Mrs Hafford and Mrs Hill

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Goodman

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gainsborough and Miss Sargent


Welcome to Autumn 2

The children made a great start to school last half term. They have enjoyed making new friends, exploring their new environment and beginning their learning journey. In phonics they have started to learn the Phase 2 phonemes, blend and segment CVC words and learn to read some tricky words. They have also worked hard on letter formation and pencil control. In maths they have started to learn about numbers to 5, reading, ordering and counting these numbers. They have also learnt about 2D shapes, repeating patterns and postional language. In their Talking and Thinking time they have learnt all about themselves and how they have grown. They have also learnt about harvest, joining in with the story of The Little Red Hen and making their own bread.

In the next half term we will be learning about the dark. We will see what path the children take in their learning about this topic. In maths we will be extending to looking at numbers to 10, basic addition and subtraction, time and 3D shapes. The children will continue their phoncis journey with more phonemes to learn. They will also begin to write basic CVC words and short captions. Once the children become confident blending words they will bring home a word card and then a worded reading book, if they haven't already done so.

The children will continue with PE lessons being held inside so they don't need trainers. In their PE bag they need a polo shirt and shorts only. These need to be brought in at the start of the half term and we will send them home for washing at Christmas.

Please can all children bring their water bottle into school every day as we do encourage the children to drink throughout the day to stay hydrated. Also please ensure that all clothing is labelled as this makes it much easier when items of clothing go missing or are found.

Please remember that if at anytime you have a question to ask or a concern to raise, however trivial it may seem at the time, please do speak to us. There will always be a member of staff on the Reception gate in a morning and if they can't answer your question or concern at the time they will take note of it and someone will contact you during the day.

Maths focus

28.10.19: Addition of two numbers up to 5, extending to addition of two numbers up to 10 and for some children it will involve problem solving and reasoning presented as 'What two numbers can add together to make 5?'

4.11.19: Comparing sets of numbers saying which has more/less, one less than numbers to 10 and beginning to read and answer early subtraction number sentences. We will continue to practise counting back from 10 to 0.
11.11.19: Counting in 10's to 50, recalling the number facts 2+1 = 3 and 2+ 3 = 5, using the vocabulary of longer/taller and shorter, ordering two and then three items by their length, measuring the length of objects using non-standard units (unifix cubes)

Please note: 

  • The chidren will need to bring their PE kit (t-shirt and shorts) into school. They will leave their PE kit in school until we send them home with it at the end of the half term.
  • Please can we take this opportunity to ask parents to ensure all their child's clothing is labelled with their name. 
  • Drinking water throughout the day is really important so can children please ensure they bring their named school water bottle in everyday.
  • Please check this page and our school's Facebook page for regular updates on what we are learning about and important messages.
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