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Puffin Class


Class Teachers: Mrs Hafford and Mrs Hill

Nursery Nurses: Mrs Goodman and Mrs Wells


Autumn 1

We welcomed our new starters into school this term and they made a fantastic start on their school journey. They enjoyed exploring their new learning environment both inside and outside. They started to develop some strong friendship relationships, showing each other how they can share and play with each other. We have enjoyed seeing them take on roles in their play and develop their imagination. The outdoor construction area has proved a strong favourite, as has the dough and home corner.

In phonics the children have worked through phase 1 (based on developing listening skills) and phase 2 of letters and sounds. They have started to segment and blend VC and CVC words.

In maths the children have started to count to 20, recognise numbers to 10 and the value of these through 1:1 correspondence. They have also learnt some 2D and 3D shape names, we have talked about their properties and we have been on a shape hunt to find examples of these shapes in our environment.

This term we focused our Talking and Thinking Floorbook on 'All about me'. We learnt about each child, what they like doing and the people in their families. We also learnt things like what food we need to eat to be healthy. We read the story of The Little Red Hen and made some delicious bread buns. We also learnt about the festival of Diwali.

We followed the child initiated learning after a child showed an interest in reading Stickman by Julia Donaldson. We supplemented our reading by going on a stick hunt, compared the sticks we collected and then made stickmen of our own.

The children gave a fantastic first performance by singing 'Big red combine harvester' as part of our harvest worship.

Autumn 2

We will be recapping what we have learnt so far in phase 2 of our phonics learning and when we are ready we will begin phase 3. When phase 3 begins the children will continue to bring home the sounds they are learning in their yellow books. 

In maths the children will be adding two sets of numbers, counting backwards, learning one more and one less, measuring and comparing lengths, the value of coins and the days of the week.

In our Talking and Thinking Floorbook the children's learning will focus around 'Dark' and we will see where their interests take us such as different sources of light, nocturnal animals, festivals of light, etc. 

This is an exciting term for the children with the build up to Christmas. The children will give their first Christmas performance, which will be a version of the nativity. The children will be given their parts to play and words to learn.  We also have a trip to the pantomime to look forward to and of course the children will write those all important letters to Santa!


Week beginning:

6th November - counting backwards from 10 and learning number bonds to 10. They will start with 10 objects and be asked to split them into two groups in different ways. We will also look at writing corresponding number sentences.

13th November - continue counting backwards and identifying the number that comes before ... We will focus on measuring length this week. We will promote the vocabulary shortest, longest and tallest. We will measure objects using cubes and order objects according to their length. 

20th November - understanding subtraction as the concept of taking away. Subtacting 1 and 2. Relating subtraction to using money (pennies only although we will look at the value of the other coins too).

Please note: 

  • The chidren will need to bring their PE kit (t-shirt and shorts only) into school. They will leave their PE kit in school until we send them home with it at the end of the half term. 
  • Please can we take this opportunity to ask parents to ensure all their child's clothing is labelled with their name. 
  • Please check this page and our school's Facebook page for regular updates on what we are learning about and important messages.