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Image result for autumn termWelcome To The Woodpecker Class

I hope you have all had an enjoyable Summer and are ready to start the new academic year.  I would like to wish a warm welcome to the new Woodpeckers starting in our class this year and welcome back the Year 2 children who will be continuing their learning journey with us for another year.

I hope this class page is helpful and provides you with an insight into what the children will be covering this term. Each week I will also provide a weekly update of the maths coverage in each year year group and continue to put this on facebook . Parents in the past have expressed they have found this helpful should they wish to do extra work at home to consolidate children's learning.  


This term out theme is entitled, 'Where in the World is Barnaby Bear?'.

Image result for Barnaby bearAll curriculum subjects where possible will link with our theme.


Our English will incorporate a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts. We will focus this term on traditional tales and non-fiction animal books.


Year 1

  • Number: Place Value (within 10)
  • Number: Addition and Subtraction (within 10)
  • Geometry: Shape
  • Number: Place value within 20

Year 2

  • Number: Place value
  • Number: Addition and subtraction
  • Measurement: Money
  • Shape


Year 1 - Everyday Materials

Year  2 - Uses of Everyday materials


We will follow Barnaby Bear on his travels and focus on:

Year 1

Naming the four countries in the United Kingdom and locating them on a map.

Explaining some of the things, that can be found in hot and cold countries.  

Thinking about the types of clothing they might take on a journey to a hot/cold country.

Year 2

Naming and locating the continents and oceans of the world

Understanding key features of the continents of the world

Understanding how a journey can be made around the world

Understanding the location of hot and cold countries

Locating the continent we live in and describing key features


Hardware and Processing


Our unit is entitled, ‘Believing’. Within this unit we will look at rules and routines at home and in school. We will explore beliefs and find out what people of two different faiths believe. We hope to identify different way in which people of faith express their beliefs through the use of artefacts, symbols and actions.

 During this term we shall also be celebrating our ‘Harvest Festival’.


Name primary and secondary colours

Make warm and cold colours

Give an opinion on a piece of art work

Ask questions about a piece of art

Create hot and cold landscapes

Cut, roll and coil materials


This term the children will take part in three PE lessons per week.

The indoor session will be gymnastics focusing on body management and the outdoor sessions will be based on the unit locomotion.

General Information

Home Readers

We encourage the children to change their home reader books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please ensure your child’s bag contains the book you wish to change, plus the blue home school Reading Record. The teachers will collect all the blue Reading Records in on the above days and they will be returned the same day. We hope your child will continue to enjoy the home reading scheme this year.

Libary Books

Children will have the opportunity to visit the school libary weekly (Friday) and will be issued with books which they are allowed to take home. Please ensure your child does not loose their book and has their book in school on a Friday should they wish to change it.  



Homework challenges will be set every half term. Chldren in Year 1 will be given a red homework book and the Year 2 children will continue to work in their purple homework book. Please ensure your child hands these in at the end of each half term so that they can be marked and new challenges can be stuck in.

Mathletics Homework (the interactive computer programme we subscribe to). Each child’s login card will be stapled on the inside of their blue Home Reading Record book. Please encourage your child to use this whenever possible to consolidate maths skills.

All children will be allocated with a Reading Shed log in where children can practise spellings linked to their year group


Water Bottles

Please ensure that all water bottles for use within the classrooms are transparent and named and not placed in the children's book bags as leakages cause irreparable damage.

PE Kit

Could we ask that you please ensure your child has their full named PE kit in school all week. It would be helpful if your child is familiar with their name label and can identify it.

Children require an indoor kit(shorts and T-shirt) and outdoor kit (warm tracksuit, socks and waterproof trainers)

We do go outdoors in all weather conditions for PE so it is essential when the colder weather approaches that the children are correctly kitted out.

Schools Bags

As space is limited within the classroom we kindly ask that children do not bring large rucksacks to school. The book bags that children had in reception are perfect. Please again ensure they are clearly labelled to save time at the end of the school day.

Dates for your dairy

18th September 2018- Open classroom. We invite you to come and take a look around your child's classroom and view their learning enviroment and meet the staff that will be working with your child this year.

14th and 16th October- Parents Evening




Weekly Maths Coverage

Autumn Term 1

Week 1

In maths this week we will be covering the following:

Week 1 - Commencing : Monday 3rd September

Introduction to maths in the Woodpecker class. (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

Introduction to Big maths and TTRock stars.

Presentation policy and expectations.

Week 2 - Commencing: Monday  10th September

Year 1 - Number: Place Value

 Sort groups by characteristics to count

Counting Objects

Year 2- Number Place Value

Count objects to 100 and read and write numbers in numerals and words

Represent numbers to 100

Week 3 - Commencing Monday 17th September

Year 1 -  Year 1  Place Value
Counting one less
One to one correspondence to start to compare groups
Compare groups using the language equal, more/greater, less/fewer
Introduce symbols =, > and <

Year 2
Place Value
Addion of numbers using tens and ones
Use a place value charts to make numbers using deines and place value counters
Compare objects and order them using the language of equal, more/greater, less/fewer.
TTRock Stars -Multiplying by 2

Week 4 Commencing Monday 21st September
Year 1 - Place Value
Comparing numbers
Ordering groups of objects...
Ordering numbers
Ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd...)
Using the number line

Year 2 -Place value
Comapring numbers
Ordering numbers and objects
Counting in 2's, 5's and 10's
Counting in 3's
TTRock Stars x2 Multiplication facts

Week 5 Week commencing Monday

Year 1 

Year 2


Week 6 Week commencing Monday
Year 1

Year 2

Week 7 Week commencing Monday

Year 1 -

Year 2

















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