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We hope you have all had a restful Easter holiday and are ready to start the Summer term.


We will be starting a new theme this term entitled, 'Wonderful Wrawby'. We will be linking all our curriculum subjects through this theme.

Within the topic we will :


Exploring the text, 'Window by Jeannie Baker'.


Looking indepth at the local area (physical/human features) 

Using maps to observe the local area.                                               

Taking photographs of the local area.                                                

Investigating different types of houses in the local area.  

Identifying different types of jobs in our locality

Understanding ways we can change the local area and write a letter to a local council.


Researching the history of Wrawby Windmill

Identifying how Wrawby has changed over the years


Sketching the Windmill


Year 1

Planting seeds, identifying plants in the wild and the garden, identifying parts of a tree and of a plant, understanding how plants grow.

Year 2

Observing plants, seeds and bulbs, what do plants need to live, plants we eat, how different plants grow.


Year 1 – Paint

Colours, brushes, shapes and fills, undo and redo, adding text, applying paint skills to make a poster.

Year 2 – the Internet

Safe searching, links, photos, comments, blogging.


Junk modeling different types of houses using a range of building materials.

Local Visits

Walk around Wrawby

Windmill Visit

If you have any books/pictures/newspapers from the past about Wrawby that you think may support the children's learning please kindly send them into school.

Any help is always greatly appreciated.










Weekly Notice

Summer Term 1

Week 1

In maths this week we will be covering the following:

Week 1 - Commencing: Monday 16th April

Year 1 - Multiplication and Division
• Counting in 10’s...
• Making equal groups
• Adding equal groups
• Making arrays

Year 2- Length and Height
• Measuring length in (cm)
• Measuring length in (m)
• Comparing lengths
• Ordering lengths


















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