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Woodpecker Class

Spring 2020

Welcome To The Woodpecker Class

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Class teacher - Mrs Plange and Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistant-Mrs Culpin

We would like to wish a warm welcome back to school to theWoodpecker Class. We hope you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and are feeling well rested.

We have lots of fun activities planned which we hope you will all enjoy this term.

 Please find below details about the coverage in the Spring. We hope you find it useful.



Our English will incorporate a variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts. We will focus in Spring Term 1 on biography, 'I am Amelia Earhart' By Brad Meltzer.




Maths (To be updated weekly)

Week 1 Week commencing Monday 6th January 

Year 1 - Addition and subtraction

Finding the difference

Comparing addition and subtraction statements a + b > c

Comparing addition and subtraction statements a + b > c + d

Year 2 - Addition and Subtraction/Temperature

Add three one digit numbers.

Temperature- Reading Scales in divisions of ones, twos, fives and tens.

Counting in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10 from any given number

TTRock Stars x5 and x10 multiplication and division facts.

Week 2 Week commencing Monday 13th January

Year 1 Number: Place value to 20

  • Count forwards and backwards and write numbers to 20 in numerals and words
  • Numbers from 11 to 20
  • Tens and ones
  • Year 2 Multiplication and Division
  • Recognise equal groups.

  • Make equal groups

  • Add equal groups

TTRock stars x5 and x10 multiplication and division facts

Week 3 Week commencing Monday 20th January

Year 1 Number:Place value within 20.

  • Compare groups of objects
  • Compare numbers
  • Order groups of objects
  • Order numbers

Year 2 Multiplication and division.

  • Use arrays
  • 2 times-table
  • 5 times-table
  • 10 times-table
    TTRock stars multiplication and division facts x2, x5 and x10

Week 4 Week commencing Monday  27th January



TTRock stars x2, x5 and x10 multiplication and division facts

Week 5 Week commencing Monday 3rd February




TTRock stars x2, x5 and 10 multiplication and division facts

Week 6 Week commencing Monday 10th February



TTRock stars x2, x5 and x10 multiplication and division facts 




This theme will give the children a chance to learn about transport and travel. They will find out about different modes of transport from around the world and how transport has changed over time. In History they will compare past and present cars using pictures and photographs.

In DT the children will make a product which moves (a new toy car). This will provide children with the opportunity to choose tools and materials and explain why they have chosen them. They will also evaluate their car explaining what went well and how they can make their model stronger.  

In Geography the children will devise a simple map of Wrawby and use this when conducting a traffic survey of the area.

General information

Home Readers

We encourage the children to change their home reader books on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please ensure your child’s bag contains the book you wish to change, plus the blue home school Reading Record. The teachers will collect all the blue Reading Records in on the above days and they will be returned the same day. We hope your child will continue to enjoy the home reading scheme this year.

Library Books

Children will have the opportunity to visit the school library weekly with their class and will be issued with books which they are allowed to take home. Please ensure your child does not lose their book and has their book in school should they wish to change it.  

On a Thursday morning break the school library is also open and children are welcome to change books or simply sit and enjoy reading a book.



Homework challenges will be set every term. Chldren in Year 1 will be given a red homework book and the Year 2 children will continue to work in their purple homework book. Please ensure your child hands these in at the end of each half term so that they can be marked and new challenges can be stuck in.

Practise reading and writing common exception words for your child's age group which were sent home at the satrt of the term.

Water Bottles

Please ensure that all water bottles for use within the classrooms are transparent and named and not placed in the children's book bags as leakages cause irreparable damage.

PE Kit

Could we ask that you please ensure your child has their full named PE kit in school all week. It would be helpful if your child is familiar with their name label and can identify it.

Children require an outdoor kit (shorts, t-shirt, socks and waterproof trainers)A tracksuit and jumper will be needed as the weather gets colder.

We do go outdoors in all weather conditions for PE so it is essential that the children are correctly kitted out.

Schools Bags

As space is limited within the classroom we kindly ask that children do not bring large rucksacks to school. The book bags that children had in reception are perfect. Please again ensure they are clearly labelled to save time at the end of the school day.

Barnaby BearImage result for barnaby bear

Each week one child will be chosen to be our class Star of the Week. On Friday, this child will bring home our class bear and a diary for the weekend. They will be asked to take the teddy on their adventures over the weekend and record what they do in the diary.

 If your child is not yet able to do this it is perfectly acceptable for you to write in the diary what your child says. Photograph are welcome also. Please return this to school on Monday so your child can show and share their weekend news with the class.


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