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Woodpecker Eli Isabella
Flamingo Benjamin Isabelle
Penguin Logan Chloe
Eagle Sam Isabella, Amy and Olivia 



Monthly Overview.


The school council have welcomed it's new members this month and we have chosen the chair/vice chairs and secretary. Well done to Amy who is our chair, Sam and Olivia our vice chairs and Isabella our secretary.

We had a busy first meeting devising our action plan for the term.

We have organised our first exciting competition of the term the, 'Scarecrow competition'. Letters have been sent out to children and parents informing them of the details of the competition. We look forward to seeing families entries on display in the school grounds from Monday 19th October. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The school council will be incharge of judging entries.

We will be supporting the Scunthorpe Food Bank as our Harvest project this year. The school council have placed collection boxes in each classroom and will be encouraging fellow pupils to bring in donations. The school council are kindly asking for donations as listed below:

Tinned fruit

Tinned rice pudding

Tinned custard

Tinned fish or meat

Tinned tomatoes

Tinned veg

Tinned potatoes

Fruit squash

Tinned spagetti

Fruit squash

Small/med jars of coffee.


The school council wouldlike to thank everyone who entered the school council scrarecrow competition. The children enjoyed judging the competeition and decided to award first place to Edie and Olivia for their ghost/pumpkin entry, second place went to Ava with her fluffy dog scarecrow and third place went to Jack and Ebony for their minion entry. Well done everyone and thank you for your support.

It has been great to see all the fodd bank donations coming into school thank you for helping us support such a great cause.The school council will be collecting the boxes in soon for collection.


The school council have been busy discussing the role of the Buddy in school and have decided to carry out a whole school survey to find out what the children in the school think the role of the buddy should be, what year group should be buddies and the type of training they need. The school council have been busy devising a questionnaire which they will will use in each class to gather information ready to feedback at our next school council meeting in December.

A copy of the questionnaire is shown below.

School Council ‘Buddy’ Questionnaire

Pupil Voice - December 2018

  1. What is a school Buddy?
  2. What year group do you think school Buddies should be in?
  3. How many school Buddies should we have in school?
  4. What should the role of the school Buddy be?
  5. What should they not do?
  6. What should they wear?
  7. What training do you think they need?


The school council have completed the questionnaires and collected them in. It was great to hear the school council feedback in a proffesional manner the comments and suggestions from their peers.

 We will analyse the data in January and feed the information back to Mrs Potterton.

January 2019

The school council have looked at the results of the buddy questonnaires and have set a date to meet with MrsPotterton and Mrs Bontoft (Govenor) to feedback the reults of the questionnaire. (Thursday 31st Jan 9:30am)

The school council met with Mrs Bontoft and Mrs Potterton on Thursday 31st Jan and discussed the results of the questionnaire. It was decide that the school council are going to speak to the whole school on Monday in collective worship and ask the children to vote which year group they think buddy's should be chosen from. Options will include:Year 1 and above , Year 2 and above, Year 3 and above, Year 4 and above or Year 5 and above.

When the children have collected the results during collective worship they are to inform the school that a job description will soon be shared with them and children can put their names forward should they wish to be a buddy. The school council will then be carrying out a selection process by giving candidates scenario's they have to respond to. Children will be chosen and then the new Buddy's will be shared with the rest of the school in an assembly in April.

Febrauary 2019

The school council have placed their posters around school adevertisng for applicants for the role of a buddy and spoke to the whole school within a whole school worship to inform children to look out for the posters. Children have already started to write their names on the list. The closing date for applicants is the end of March.

March 219

The school council have been busy writing scenario's for candidates and will being the interview process after the Easter holiday. The candidates chosen will be revealed to the school asap.

April 2019

Names from the posters around school have been placed into lists of year groups. Scenario's and questions have been decided.

May 2019

Children have decided interviews will take place during lunctime breaks and all children in the school council will take an acive role to interview.

June 2019

Interviews have begun. The school council feedback their results to Mrs Potterton and then the new buddy's will announced to the whole school. The school council have discussed ideas to raise money for the school.

July 2019






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