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This page is under construction whilst we review our current curriculum offer.

Our Curriculum Rationale

We have carried out a review of our curriculum, which we aim to be in place by September 2020.  It follows the National Curriculum 2019 and is being written to meet the needs of our children and the context of our community. Our church values and strategic aims were a significant part of our review. This year we are continuing to review our planning and teaching of the curriculum and how we will measure the impact of it. In line with our strategic aims, we want to ensure all of our children receive quality first teaching. Our long term plan outlines the topics that each class will have. More information is available for each subject in the subject long term plan (to be published online shortly), and each class has an overview which outlines the areas of focus for each subject. Where we can we make links to strengthen learning and enable the children to make connections.  

Our ambitions for our children are high; we want them to be engaged, curious and passionate about their learning.  We encourage them to be independent, confident learners and have the ability to communicate their ideas and knowledge- every child should have the opportunity to shine. We also want our curriculum to be topical and relevant, so that our children have a good understanding of the wider world in which they live. Our school is in a rural area and is a predominantly White British school, therefore we feel it is vital for our children to develop tolerance and respect of others in order for them to become a responsible citizen, prepared for living in a diverse world and working in a global economy. Opportunities to learn about different countries and cultures are woven into our curriculum.

A passion for reading for pleasure, and reading for information is regarded as highly important, for the ability to read opens the doors for learning. We use high quality whole class texts linked to our topics which again enable our children to make connections, learn about and empathise with different people and characters, learn about new places and widen their vocabulary.

We are striving for our curriculum to be engaging and creative for our children. We aim for a broad and balanced curriculum which provides the children with a secure understanding and a passion for learning. It is our aim to equip our children with a sound knowledge of the curriculum, but also with the skills to apply their understanding.  Our assessments enable teachers to meet the needs of every child, offering challenge and support where needed.

Our strategic aim 4 is ' To enable our school community... to lead balanced and healthy lifestyles- heart, body, mind and soul. To help in meeting this, there are three PE sessions a week to foster a healthy mind, with one of them being physical literacy, focussing on agility, balance and coordination. All classes have a weekly PSHE lesson and we follow the Jigsaw scheme of learning. 

We will review our subject objectives and topics annually to ensure that the curriculum continues to meet the needs of our children.

Our Topic Overview

Our topics are in a two year cycle due to our mixed age classes; objectives are carefully planned to thread through each topic so that there are no gaps in learning and full coverage of the National Curriculum. Our main drivers are history and geography. 

Below is our curriculum overview which details the topics taught each year.

Our Long Term Plans for each subject are based upon the National Curriculum 2014, but tailored to meet the needs of our children.

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