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Welcome to our Out of School Club

The Breakfast Club will start at 7.30am and will cost £3.50. The breakfast will consist of toast, cereal, fruit and a drink. A variety of resources are available for the children to choose from.

The After School Club will begin at 3.30pm and finish promptly at 6pm and will cost £6.00. This will include snacks (fruit or crisps etc...) and drinks.

There are planned activities/crafts every day for the After School Club which the children can choose to participate in if they wish or they may choose to play board games, puzzles, read, draw, colour or play outside.

If you require both the before and after school club on the same day it will be at a reduced cost of £8.50. Payment will be via Parent Pay.

There is the option to use the club on a flexible basis but we will require 24 hours notice. All children will need to be signed in and out and will enter and leave school through the front door located near the office.


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