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Home Learning Support Page

We appreciate that trying to deliver home learning is very challenging, and that every family situation is unique. What works for one family, may not for another. The most important thing is that your children are safe and happy. You may find it useful at the start of the week to map out an informal timetable of activities.

Every Sunday evening, work for each class is uploaded onto the class page. This will mainly be Maths and English, with some other ideas that your child might like to do. If you can keep up with reading and maths that is fantastic, as these are the most important skills. 

On this page we have included suggested timings for subjects and website support/ links. The attached PDF has further information. 

Please email us if you do have any queries. 

EYFS (Pufffin class)

structure 1(1)

Y1/2 (Woodpecker)


Y2/3 (Flamingo)

flamingo timetable

Y4/5 (Penguin)

Penguin HL(1)

Y5/6 (Eagle)


How to access White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths: whiterosemaths.com

As a school we follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work. On the website are videos that are a little lesson input. We would strongly recommend that your child watches that prior to completing the worksheet. Teachers will upload the necessary sheets onto their child’s class page. The matching video tutorials will be available to you on BBC Bitesize from Week 3 of summer term.

Phonics Play

Many of our reception and KS1 children are familiar with the website Phonics Play, https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk  which hosts a range of games for the children to practise phonics.  It has a free log in, the username is March20 and the password is home.

TT Rockstars/ Numbots

ttrockstars.com   https://play.numbots.com

Each child has a login for TTRS on the inside flap of their Home Learning folder, which was sent home with your child on their last day of school. Daily practice is recommended. Children in YR/1 can access Numbots using this log in.

My Maths


Each child from Y2 upwards has a login for My Maths on the inside flap of their Home Learning folder, which was sent home with your child on their last day of school.

Each week your child’s teacher will put an activity onto your child’s home screen. Sometimes activities will relate to current learning and sometimes they will be for revision purposes.

MyMaths gives the child a score- 70% is a recommended result. They can revisit an activity to improve their score.

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