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School term dates

The dates for the academic year 2020/21 are:-

Autumn Term 1

            Open               Thursday, 3rd September

            Close               Friday, 23rd October

Autumn Term 2

            Open               Monday, 2nd November

            Close               Thursday, 17th December

Spring Term 1

            Open               Tuesday, 5th January

            Close               Friday, 12th February

Spring Term 2

            Open               Monday, 22nd February

            Close               Wednesday, 31st March 

Summer Term 1

            Open               Tuesday, 20th April

            Close               Friday, 28th May

Summer Term 2

            Open               Monday, 7th June

            Close               Thursday, 22nd July



Please use the following link to view the term dates for North Lincolnshire. Please note that some dates vary by school so please make sure you check with our school term dates before booking a holiday.

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