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Safer Internet Day 2019 Together for a better internet

Key Stage 1 assembly

The Key Stage 1 assembly began with a story about Zap and Zoom. Zap wanted to play Space Race online but before he went on he knew he had to ask his Dad's permission. He then played the game with his real life friend, Zoom. Whilst playing the game a pop box appeared asking Zap to input his full name. He wasn't sure that this was safe so he asked his Dad. His Dad said that Zap should never share his personal information including his name, address and where he went to school. They closed the pop up box and Zap and Zoom continued to play the game.

Key Stage 2 assembly

The Key Stage 2 assembly was based around consent. The children found out that consent means to give your permission. They have the choice about their life, and their online life. They have the choice about what information they give out and they need to understand how companies will use the personal information that they share.

Puffin class

Following this assembly the children in Puffin class recapped the important message of not sharing their personal information. They also used their thumbs up and thumbs down to answer a series of 'Is it okay if ...' questions, like 'Is it okay to take someone's photo without asking them?' 

Woodpecker class

In Woodpecker class the children looked at what to do if an unkind message appeared on an online game that they were playing on. They know they should go to their safe person who will help them block, save and report the message so that they can carry on having fun online!

Penguin class

In Penguin class,  the children acted out scenarios of people posting images online without consent. They then had a class discussion about what should have been done in that situation and how they could rectify it.

Eagle class

In Eagle class the children looked at the terms and conditions of main social media companies and looked at what information they could store about them. They then made memory jog boxes, which had questions regarding consent, which the children will use as a reminder when they join various organisations.

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